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  • 1st Place - On the Lookout by John Wheeley
    1st Place - On the Lookout by John Wheeley
  • 2nd Place - Carder Bee on Dhalia by Keith Urro
    2nd Place - Carder Bee on Dhalia by Keith Urro
  • 3rd Place - Assemble Here by Ray Jacobs
    3rd Place - Assemble Here by Ray Jacobs
  • Alone at Sea by John Ellis
    Alone at Sea by John Ellis
  • Texas Rose by Garry Wingrove
    Texas Rose by Garry Wingrove
  • Dead Red by Hazel Mansell-Greenwood
    Dead Red by Hazel Mansell-Greenwood

John Wheeley, Peter Tulloch, David Mayer, Clive Moody, Pedro Landers and Paul Burgess went to the DPIC competition - they (along with over 200 other sad people) viewed over a thousand projected images between 10:30 and 16:30 ... the saving grace was nipping around the corner to the Chinese Buffet restaurant for lunch ...


Attached at the end are the final placings for yesterday’s DPIC held in Exeter. As you will see, Tavistock CC managed to finish 34= (along with Launceston, St. Austell and Bath) having scored 197 points for the 18 images.

For those of you who are not aware of the way the scoring is carried out, there were three judges each marking an image with between 2 and 5 points giving a maximum of 15 points for the best images. Having three judges does help to balance out particular preferences but please remember that the scores are still prone to subjectivity so an image that has a lowish score may still do well in another competition, and vice versa.

Individual scores were as follows:

1) Black Isle from Findhorn - Peter Tulloch: 8
2) Bluebell Girl - Chris Powell: 10
3) Bow Riding - Paul Burgess: 12
4) Brotherhood - Tommy Hatwell: 12
5) Dragonflight (Nature) - John Ellis: 10
6) F8 Be There - Garry Wingrove: 9
7) Godrevy Reflections - Philip House: 13
8) Honey Bees on Agave Grass (Nature) - Keith Urro: 12
9) In Bologna - John Wheeley: 12
10) Lavender - Russell Gafney: 10
11) Least We Forget - David Mayer: 11
12) Man Engine - Richard Medland: 11
13) Shepherd’s Delight - Hazel Mansell-Greenwood: 12
14) Sunrise - Clive Moody: 9
15) The Engineers - John Marshall: 12
16) The Gamekeeper - Hazel Mansell-Greenwood: 12
17) These Girls - Tommy Hatwell: 12
18) White Tailed Sea Eagle (Nature) - Tom Wallis: 10

Many thanks to all of you for providing us with such good images for the competition. The 18 images came from 16 different photographers so we had a good spread across the membership.

Especial congratulations to Philip for having our highest scoring image (Godrevy Reflections).

Our total score of 197 points was the second highest we have achieved in the 5 years we have been entering the event. Our best year was 2016 when we scored 204 points.

Score and award details can be found on the WCPF website

Keep taking great pictures, there are more events to come.

All the best,



  • F8 Be There by Garry Wingrove.jpg
  • Shepherd’s Delight by Hazel Mansell-Greenwood.jpg
  • Brotherhood by Tommy Hatwell.jpg
  • Bluebell Girl by Chris Powell.jpg
  • Man Engine by Richard Medland.jpg
  • Dragonflight by John Ellis.jpg
  • Godrevy Reflections by Philip House.jpg
  • Black Isle from Findhorn by Peter Tulloch.jpg
  • These Girls by Tommy Hatwell.jpg
  • Least We Forget by David Mayer.jpg
  • Lavender by Russell Gafney.jpg
  • White Tailed Sea Eagle by Tom Wallis.jpg
  • Honey Bees on Agave Grass by Keith Urro.jpg
  • Bow Riding by Paul Burgess.jpg
  • The Engineers by John Marshall.jpg
  • The Gamekeeper by Hazel Mansell-Greenwood.jpg
  • In Bologna by John Wheeley.jpg
  • Sunrise by Clive Moody.jpg

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